Michael meets up with his client and new friend Robert Warren to discuss all things regarding the New Orleans Seventh Ward neighborhood!

Michael meets up with his client and new friend Rabeetah Hasnain to discuss all things regarding the New Orleans neighborhood St. Claude!

In the season three opener, Michael interviews his clients Jake and Tom Kleinmahon at their gorgeous home on Arabella Street and discuss all things about their New Orleans neighborhood, Audubon. Michael also interviews their daughter Isabel and learns some hard truths.

Michael interviews his clients Adam Eversole and Kyle Fulton at their gorgeous home in the Fontainbleau area of New Orleans. They talk about the neighborhood, deliberate on what number of dogs is appropriate, debate bowling as an activity, and dismantle and discard some furniture.

Michael Styles, New Orleans Realtor, and his good friend and client Houston Ward share a pint of Guinness on St. Patty’s day and discuss life in his New Orleans’ neighborhood the “Irish Channel.”

NOLA Lifestyles with Michael Styles is returning for a second season to showcase more neighborhoods in the great city of New Orleans (and if we’re being real, in another attempt to be picked up by HGTV or at least Bravo.)

This season hopes to cover areas such as Fountainbleau, Mid City, Treme, Algier’s Point, St. Roch, the Bywater, and more,
and will feature the best clients a Realtor could ask for.
Our first episode features Michael’s own home and neighborhood
with a very special guest- Michael’s roommate, best friend and “teammate”, Reed Wendorf!


Three Reasons Why Your House Hasn’t Sold

Selling your house can be a stressful time.  Often times Sellers will expect calls and offers as soon as they put the “For Sale” sign out front, and they don’t come.  If you’re reading this article you’re likely close to or apart of this very situation right now!  A house that won’t sell can be a demoralizing and confusing time.  Here are three reasons why your house hasn’t sold:

You’re not using an agent.

Sellers hire a Realtor to sell their home because a Realtor will maximize the Seller’s return on the sale of the house.  Generally, a person who sells a property “For Sale By Owner” will make only 94% of what they would have made working with an agent including that agent’s commission.  A Realtor offers their network and abilities to move your property and you should have one represent you in a sale.

You aren’t doing any marketing or advertising.

A good agent will spend several hundred if not over $1,000.00 on advertising a property through multiple mediums and marketing the property to reach prospective buyers.  This also includes providing professional photography, a floor plan, and food and drink for Open Houses and Broker Tours.  (A Realtor will pay for these expenses out of pocket.)  These days, the internet affords smarter ways to pinpoint your best leads/prospective buyers.  Find an agent who knows how to use these tools.

Your house is priced too high.

The market speaks for itself.  It comes down to location, condition, and price.  At the end of the day, if you have hired a competent agent and they have pumped money into marketing and advertising and the house still hasn’t sold it’s because the price isn’t right. You can’t change your house’s location.  If you have the means and energy to make changes to your property, that is an alternative to dropping the price.  Open Houses will provide opportunities for feedback.  For example, if everyone is saying the kitchen needs to be redone, and you don’t want to drop the price then re-do the kitchen.  Otherwise, reduce the price.

If you are looking to sell your house and would like a free consultation on how to move your property from “active” to sold, contact Michael here.