Michael is an award winning Realtor- a hard-working, fun-loving New Orleanian who loves his job.

Michael came to New Orleans in 2008 on a scholarship to Tulane University and graduated with a Marketing Degree from the AB Freeman School of Business.  His sales experience in the NBA’s New Orleans Hornets Front Office, his work with the online marketing company NOLA Media Group, and his commitment to building his business by delighting his customers have all contributed to his fast success in Real Estate.

Some of Michael’s non-Real Estate loves are his partner Reed and his dogs Boo and Charlie, hosting his web series “NOLA Lifestyles”, participating in Stonewall Sports- New Orleans of which he is a proud sponsor, and volunteering at the Covenant House- New Orleans.  He loves to laugh and is a notorious whistler.

Michael is passionate about New Orleans, is an expert on the local Real Estate Market, and is blessed to represent the best clientele a Realtor could ask for in the greatest city in the USA.