Today Lillian Lioneanjie sold her longtime residence at 800 Toledano Street!  It was a pleasure representing you Lillian, congratulations!

Details on the transaction can be found at this link.

Elisa Cool is moving in from Brooklyn, New York to become New Orleans’ newest homeowner.  The details of the real estate transaction can be found at this link:

It was a pleasure working with Elisa.  Congratulations!

Michael Styles interviews his very first clients, Ethan and Eric McDonald, about New Orleans life in the West End neighborhood.  The guys discuss the benefits and pitfalls (read: potholes) of the neighborhood as well as advice for other First Time Home Buyers.

Congratulations to my friends and clients Alegra and Harrison Grieon their purchase of a gorgeous property in the Freret Neighborhood of Uptown today! It was such a pleasure working for you. Expect frequent drop-in visits, you two.

More information on this property can be found at this link.

The New Orleans Central Business District takes center stage as Michael interviews Dennis Lomonaco about New Orleans life in the CBD.  Dennis has a lease in the fabulous building “The Strand,” the apartment section of the Aloft Building.  Michael and Dennis discuss CBD neighborhood safety and convenience, pizza delivery, date spots at Dennis’ place as well as atop the building, one of the finest views the city has to offer.

Congratulations to my client and good friend Brandon Woodfork on the purchase of his property at 1622 King Drive in Gentilly.  He was a pleasure to work with and deserves the gorgeous home he purchased.

Here’s more information on the property.


Jazzfest is on full display as Michael Styles interviews his client Ashley Christensen about life in the Fairgrounds / Esplanade Ridge neighborhood.  Michael and Ashley discuss where to work out, where to grocery shop, and where to walk his dog Goldie in the Fairgrounds.

Ashley’s house is still for sale!  More information about his property can be found at this link.

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I am very excited to announce the launch of a web series I’ve created, “NOLA Lifestyles.”  My intention with these videos is to highlight individual New Orleans neighborhoods and the lifestyle afforded by each of them as told by the locals, my clients, who live there.  Of course, these videos are occupying the majority of marketing budget so I hope to generate some business as well, but this is first and foremost a source of information for those interested investing in the New Orleans Real Estate Market (as well as a healthy stash of ammo for my friends and family to tease me with).

I trust these videos will improve in time as I become less of an alien on camera.  I don’t think I’ll be promoting every episode as it premieres, so if you want to be updated as these videos come out, please subscribe to my YouTube page at this link.

This article will focus on residential and multi family homes. Attached is a blank contract for you to use as a reference, as we’ll go line-by-line down the contract, with each line being numbered. Before we begin, if you’re not working with an agent, get one. It’s free for buyers and they will be able to walk your through the process and help negotiate on your behalf.

New Orleans locals Ethan and Eric McDonald, a married couple and a straight duo of extraordinary gentleman, bought their first home today in Lakeview today. They were formerly at 1201 Canal Place and are now homeowners. Ethan and Eric were a pleasure to work with and I wish them many happy memories in their wonderful new home.