The Safest New Orleans Neighborhoods and the Cost to Buy Homes in those Areas

Living in New Orleans, crime is going to happen in your neighborhood no matter where you live.   Varying levels of home quality and neighborhood safety from one street to the next is part of what makes this city so unique.  If you are buying New Orleans property, particularly if you’re relocating here, you must understand the difference between the many New Orleans neighborhoods to limit your chances of becoming a victim of a crime.

Here are five of the more crime-free neighborhoods New Orleans has to offer, and what it costs to buy there.  Consult our “Neighborhood Map of New Orleans” under the “Buyers Tab” to see where these neighborhoods lie:


Again, crime is inevitable in every New Orleans neighborhood.  Unless there a home for sale on Audubon Place and you can afford to live there (in which case do I have the Realtor for you!!), the reality is that crime will happen close to home.  These five neighborhoods are safer than some of the other neighborhoods absent from this list, but if you feel you need even more security  (which is understandable), perhaps you should be looking at the North Shore.